Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bounty of berries

I picked these beautiful blueberries at my parents farm last Saturday. There is something so gratifying about gathering your own food. It gives you a real sense of connection to the food that you can't buy in the store. I also know that it's as fresh as it gets! So because these were such perfect berries that I had picked myself I wanted to make something super with them. I first made the Luscious Berry Tart that I found on Cream Puffs in Venice's blog. It's a recipe from Lori Longbotham's cookbook,Luscious Berry Desserts. It was so good I made another! Over the week-end some friends had us over for dinner and of course having a bounty of berries, I offered to bring the dessert. This time I made a shortbread crust and baked it. Then I made a lemon curd and filled the crust. Finally I topped it with berries that I cooked down and strained and mixed with uncooked berries. It was beautiful! Too bad no pic. My camera died and there were no leftovers after dinner! I'll post the recipe later.

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