Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cooking Interlude

I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but the apron has made a stunning return to fashion! For decades now the apron has been scorned by many as a symbol of the repressed woman, doomed to a life of drudgery in the kitchen. My how things have changed! Just check out Once Upon a Tart's blog. She had everyone pulling out the the stops in her Brownie Babe competition to win one of her adorable aprons. Nowadays the apron has become less about utility and more about fashion and fun. So in that vein, and because I've seen so many cute aprons on the web lately, I decided to give apron making a try. I wanted mine to be completely fun, not at all practical, and very Christmasy. I haven't sewn anything in quite a while, but luckily my younger sister has and she's also made several aprons. We had a design in mind but couldn't find a pattern that was exactly what we wanted. We ended up modifying a pattern she had that had the basic elements of what we needed. I think it came out so cute and have already had someone ask to buy one! Woohoo!

So, it's back to cooking which is even more fun in my cute apron!

Check out the rickrack, which has made quite a return to fashion as well. I guess all things old are new again, but with a modern twist!


sognatrice said...

That is *so* cute and would definitely make the little old Italian ladies around me do a double-take if I answered the door in that ;)

Cynthia said...

This is too cute.

Half Baked said...

HaHa, thanks Sognatrice!
Thanks Cynthia!

Anonymous said...

Your apron is adorable! I have a very similar one from my mom that is about 50 yrs old. So cute and still very fashionable I feel like Doris Day when I wear it! I really like your posts. Best, Helen