Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cold brewed iced coffee..yum

When I first read about cold brewing coffee on the Food Network,I admit I was pretty skeptical, but after trying it I'm a total convert! I was amazed that the coffee concentrate actually has an almost sweet, chocolaty taste. The article I read said the coffee actually is lower in acid and caffeine so it's better for people with sensitive stomachs(not my problem). Good to know!
3cups cold water in a pitcher or jar
2/3 cup coarse ground coffee. (i used the lowest setting on my grinder)
Allow to steep for at least 12 hours.
Strain coffee. I put a sieve lined with a coffee filter over a pitcher. After the coffee is strained, I sweeten it and added milk. How much you add depends on how you like your coffee.
There is a cold brewing pot available online. It makes this process easier. If I continue with this latest obsession I'll have to invest in one!

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