Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bama Blues

A few days ago Jennifer of Chez Loulou tagged my for this game: find seven blue objects in your house and do a little show and tell. Jennifer lives in southern France. Every time I visit her blog I just want to move to there. The cheese, the wine, the beautiful scenery... I did get the opportunity to visit her part of the world over the summer and it is every bit as wonderful as I'd imagined.

Anyway here's a little show and tell in blue from my part of the world, southern Alabama...Enjoy!

Daisies in blue glass

Blue eggs from our local Farmers Market

 Blue window on a shed at Waterberry Farm


 Polish pottery hanging on my kitchen wall that I bought while living in Germany.

I couldn't do a post on blue with out including my "Tiffany" cupcakes!

Maisy on a blue float in our pool

and finally...a blue enamel milk jug that I picked up at a flea market in Germany. It's my favorite "vase". I just adore it!

Now it's my turn to tag seven people. Tag you're it: Grace of  A Southern Grace, How to eat a cupcake, Apparently Jessy, Elyse's Confectionery Creation, Jamie of Life's a Feast, WhistleStop Cafe, and Rowena of Rubber Slippers in Italy. Find seven blue things  in your home, life, community, whatever and give us a little show and tell into your world then tag 7 other bloggers. Can't wait to see your blues!


Peabody said...

That milk jug is awesome! What a great find.

Mini Baker said...

I love the milk jug! And the cute Tiffany cupcakes!! I'm new to your blog and I love it! I can tell you are a very talented lady! I'll be checking back often :)
-Mini Baker

Loulou said...

What beautiful blues! I love the first shot with the daisies and the cobalt blue.
Thanks for playing along!

Grace said...

great shots, all, but i LOVE the pup! it makes me wish i had a)a dog, b)a pool, and c)weather hot enough to warrant getting into a pool.
thanks for the tag, i'll see what i can do!

Rowena... said...

A WESTIE!!!! I think this will be a fun tag to do as it involves taking pics of stuff around the house instead of thinking of strange things about myself. ;-) Thanks for the tag...I'll get right on this asap!

spacedlaw said...

Lovely blues!
Hi. Followed you here from Loulou's.

Barbara said...

Great job with show and tell blue! The plate is lovely.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

You have made this 'blue' rainy day just a little bit brighter.
I'll give it a try!