Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Making do

As a reader of this blog, you only see the things I post. You know the things that turn out great, taste wonderful, in short, the Martha Stewart perfect life. I'll let you in on a little secret, not everything is perfect in my world. Shocking, right? Here's a glimpse into the, less than Martha, part of my life.  
I have plenty of cool kitchen gadgets/equipment but there are many times I don't have the special equipment needed to make a recipe. So when that happens I  just try to make do and make it work!
I know, they make racks hang your fresh pasta on to dry but I don't have a fancy schmancy pasta drying rack. This is how we dry our fresh pasta!

Yup, a rolling pin between two chairs. Hey it works, and that's just how we roll. ( I couldn't resist...) The best part of this contraption is there's no extra piece of equipment to store when I'm not using it.  I love using things I already have, for other purposes. How do you make do in your kitchen? I'd love to hear your ideas/suggestions!!!


Taste and Tell said...

I think that's a brilliant idea!!

grace said...

good thinking! i like how you roll (and how you're not afraid to put out a corny pun...). :)

bellini said...

Ues it does work!!!