Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Gifts from the Kitchen

Sorry for the lack of posting but alas, I'm STILL without a computer!! I didn't realize how dependent I was on my computer until it died. The computer guru that has my computer said I had a program failure and my hard drive has to be wiped clean. Hopefully he's going to save some of my pictures. Take a word of advice from me; be sure to back-up pictures and documents you want to keep. I learned that lesson the hard way!
Anyway hubs and I have been sharing his laptop for the time being which means we both have limited access to a computer. haha I don't have any of my programs for my camera on this computer so I thought I'd surf the web and share some links to some Christmas gifting ideas.
Nothing says Merry Christmas like a handmade gift from your kitchen. Here are some ideas that I inspired me:

Look at Martha Stewart's recipe for Cranberry Noels. These gorgeous little shortbread cookies will definitely put you in the Christmas mood.

If something savory is more to your taste, check out these Spiced Nuts from Fine Living. Just put these in a cello bag and tie with a decorative ribbon and they're ready to be given away.

This luscious Hazelnut-Mocha Sauce is the perfect topping for an ice cream lover.

I love this Spiced Tea Mix. Get a cute mug and you've got a great gift.

When you're making your homemade gifts, don't forget the dog! Check out this idea for for Doggie Bark
For the pet lover in your life, I came across these Cork Pets. Okay so they're not homemade but how cute are these:

I hope this gives you some gift ideas for someone on your Christmas list. Hopefully I'll get my computer back soon and I can get back to regular blogging.... maybe Santa will bring me a new computer for Christmas!


Bellini Valli said...

We learn to either love or hate our computers depending on the day but thanks for the gift ideas. I really like the doggie and kitty corks.

Melanie said...

I am so sorry about your computer. I have Carbonite and it backs it up offline. It is worth the $50.00 a year. I sure hope he can save some of your photos.

Anonymous said...

ahh yes. i'd probably die of some withdrawal symptoms from my comp.
likewise with my mobile phone :S
we're all really dependent on them arent we.
mm love how the cranberry noels look really christmasy! heh.
i'll write to santa for you :P

Grace said...

mixes are definitely the way to go when it comes to me making edible gifts. if i make something ready-to-eat, i inevitably eat most of it myself. :)

Kate said...

I love uncommon goods (where your doggie corks came from)! So much cool stuff on that site/catalogue.

Jamie said...

Cork pets! ROTFL! But the cookies look so delicious and really pefect gifts: just what I love to give. Must check out the others you have to offer. And I lost my computer last year and got my laptop for Xmas, but at least once a day I lose internet and it's horrible! Hope you get everything back soon!

ostwestwind said...

Hi Paula, I just want to let you know, your wonderful parcel arrived today. Its 5:30 pm here, I came home and I found the your seasoned eatings.

Ulrike @K├╝chenlatein